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ALL VISITORS: Please present valid identification upon arrival.


TOURING VISITORS: Please wear pants and closed toed shoes. MSC can provide safety glasses and additional PPE if needed.


This Agreement is between Manufacturing Sciences Corporation (herein after referred to as “MSC”), a Tennessee corporation. I acknowledge that I will access the facilities and information of MSC as a non-employee of MSC. In consideration for access to MSC's facilities, I agree to the following:


1. Site Access: I agree that the right of access to MSC shall be limited to such areas as may be designated by MSC at its sole discretion, and that such access may be changed or withdrawn by MSC at its sole discretion.


2. Rules and Regulations: I agree to observe and conform to all applicable rules, regulations and requirements of MSC including but not limited to those respecting security, health, safety, and operating procedures and conduct.


3. Proprietary Information: I agree to abide by any restrictive markings on any information I access while at MSC, as well as any MSC requirements for protecting such information. For information that I bring into MSC's facilities that is marked as “Proprietary”, “Confidential”, or with other similar markings and is left at MSC after my departure, I agree that MSC has no obligation to protect such information from public disclosure, unless there exists an agreement between either my employer or me and Manufacturing Sciences Corporation that provides otherwise.


4. Export Control: MSC is committed to the lawful compliance of U.S. Export Control Laws and Regulations. I agree that I am responsible for the compliance with all U.S. export control laws and regulations, and for the appropriate handling and transfer of any export-controlled information or material.


5. Release: I hereby release Manufacturing Sciences Corporation, the United States of America, their officers, employees, and agents from liability for personal injuries, sickness, or disease including death to me or for damage or destruction to my property, unless it is proved that it was caused by willful misconduct of Manufacturing Sciences Corporation or its’ employees.

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